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The Alpha Indigo team is versatile, flexible, mobile, and has a local Australian presence and connections globally. Together with our associates and partners we can meet your needs perfectly. We provide expertise in chatbots - UX, Copy Writing, Visual Design, Social Media, and Technology design & integration, all focussed on one thing, under one umbrella.

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Doug Maloney, CHief

Meet our Founder

Doug Maloney has been called a stalwart of the Australian mobile and internet scene. While he wasn't too sure about that, he has been at the forefront of mobile internet product and apps design and development since the early 2000’s, when the internet was more Wild West than shopping mall.

Doug is excited about the potential of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation and Natural Language Processing, which represent a thrilling new frontier at the intersection of UX and business needs. That's why he founded AlphaIndigo, to share the excitement and deliver the best, most relevant, brand-ready and intelligent chatbots to organisations like yours.

Extensive experience in mobile media and telecommunications means Doug and the team provide a unique mix of problem-solving skills to businesses of every size, shape and flavour.

No-nonsense chatbot development

Like all new, shiny things, there's a lot of nonsense talked about chatbots and AI. We don't talk any of it. We speak your language. You'll find us approachable and professional.

Maybe you wouldn't know a chatbot if one bit you. That's fine. We'll support you all the way. A blend of considerable technical expertise, experience, knowledge and enthusiasm means our clients find us a pleasure to work with.

The right marketing focus

At the end of the day chatbots are all about helping businesses streamline how they converse with their customers. But you can't do that without delighting your customers, so like all the best marketing-savvy designers we put them first. The result is an experience that people really do enjoy engaging with, that really does make their lives better.

If that sounds good, contact us to find out more and get the ball rolling.



B. Arts, LLB.

Rob is an entrepreneur, investor and executive with over 20 years of experience in telecommunications, online media & marketing, ecommerce, fund raising, M&A activities, public relations, legal affairs and general management.   

Rob was an early entrant into the ISP sector in 1996 he joined Australia’s first major ISP (OzEmail Limited) where he managed the production team behind Australia’s highest-ranking business content services at the time.  OzEmail later sold to MCI Worldcom. 

He went on to become a pioneer of online media and ecommerce development, founding Australia’s first online music service ChaosMusic.   OzEmail became a seed investor before the company (Chaos Group Limited) listed on the ASX in 1999. Chaos became the local No.1 in its market and was ranked the fastest growth company by revenue in Australia by 2002 (Deloitte Fast 50).  As CEO and Managing Director of Chaos, Rob managed a team of ~100.  

In 2012 Rob founded an ISP (Australian Broadband Services / AusBBS) targeting growth alongside the rollout of Australia’s NBN (National Broadband Network).    AusBBS was scaled up and sold into leading mobile provider amaysim in 2016. Following the acquisition, Rob led amaysim’s broadband vertical for 2 years.  

In addition to Directorships with a variety of corporates, Rob has served on association boards including AMRA (Australian Music Retailers Association) and Commpete (Alliance for Digital Competition).  He now provides advisory services to technology startups with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence.