We offer services in Conversational AI - designing and building Chatbots and Virtual agents for customer service, employee self service and online sales.

We also have a range of existing frameworks and products which can be used as a quick-start for your project.

Our design and build process is flexible to allow us to work out what your business needs, and to draw out the information that you already have. We can work with the technologies you already have, or recommend a new solution, applying our practical expertise in a variety of technologies to make it happen.


We aim to be flexible in our engagements - what do you need ?

  • Fast, fixed price, proof of concept.

  • Project based, with ongoing support and training.

  • Off the shelf and customised solutions for Customer Service, Staff on-boarding, Staff performance management.

Design Process

design process.001.jpeg
  • Discovery - We explore the problem you wish to solve and understand where the opportunities are for automation.

  • Knowledge Mapping - We work with you to deconstruct the company knowledge that you already offer to your customers and rework it to apply to an automated conversation.

  • Conversation Design - Design of a persona for the conversation that will suit your company.

  • Prototype - We build a working prototype so you see what your customers will see.

  • Construct - We work with your tech team or one of our partners to build and integration the technology.

  • Training - Setup and iterative training of the new chatbot or automated assistant.



We’re experts in understanding the rules and interplay between Facebook Messenger and Facebook pages. If you’re struggling to manage a flood of incoming customer queries through Messenger, and maybe not responding quickly enough, a chatbot can bring you 24x7 message handling and lots of scale. We understand that customers using Messenger can be demanding and can bring our experience to bear - automating as much of the interaction as possible.

There are a lot of promising technologies available, and we can work with any of them. We have favourites which we’ll recommend, but will work with whatever you already have. We have current experience with :

  • Chatbot platforms - Google DialogFlow ⦿ Microsoft LUIS ⦿ Chatfuel ⦿ Flow.xo

  • Robotic Process Automation - Zapier ⦿ Microsoft Flow

  • Slack - custom built chatbots and apps.

  • Facebook - Messenger apps, Facebook pages and chatbot configuration.

  • API’s - Google sheets API ⦿ CloudConvert API ⦿ node.js ⦿ Google AutoML